2016 Infiniti Q50 Test Drive, Video, and Photo Gallery

Infiniti’s popular Q50 luxury sports sedan has been updated heavily for this year, though at a glance, you’d hardly know it. The reason? The major updates aren’t to the styling, cabin or trimmings, but rather, to three key technologies that lie beneath its sheet-metal skin.

A new, second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering system is on board, with improved feel and more adjustability. Digital Dynamic Dampers provide a further layer of customizability, toggling between a soft and doughy ride, or a firmer, more responsive one, at the flick of a switch. And a new engine range, called ‘VR’, marks the arrival of down-sizing and turbocharging under the Q50’s hood. A three-litre V6 packs twin turbos, and delivers 300 or 400 horsepower, like the tester.

Most notable? The Q50 is any sort of luxury sports sedan you’d like it to be. Just pick your favorite steering-system attributes, your preferred ride quality, and your preferred responsiveness from the driveline, on the fly, and the Q50 bends to your every whim. Excellent safety features and adaptive cruise control performance, too.

This is a sleeper luxury performance sedan that’s anything you’d like it to be.

Here’s a full review and video via the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

And check out the photo gallery below.