BMW X4 M40i xDrive

We couldn’t film the X4 M40i because Camera Guy James was on summer vacation– but here’s a photo gallery, and a full review via

The gist? This is a gutsy luxury performance crossover option, with turbocharged straight-six power, 355 horsepower, nearly as much torque, and 0-60 possible in under 5 seconds. BMW’s xDrive AWD system is standard, the M40i achieves good relative fuel mileage, and is roomier on board than its looks lead on.

If you’re considering a Macan, or an SQ5, this one’s worth a test-drive: it doesn’t fly under the radar like some competitors, and always allows a measured amount of sportiness through the driving experience, at all times, via the sound and feel: perfect if you’re after a luxury performance crossover with a performance character that’s always apparent.

It’s also got an exemplary LED lighting system, a spleen-rupturing stereo system, and paddle-shifts with giggle-inducing precision and speed when called upon.

Check out the full review here.

Photo gallery below.