Audi A4 Allroad: Traction Action!

Here’s your new MQB-based Audi A4 wagon, folks: a machine designed for the active driver who would rather eat a lightbulb than drive a crossover, but a driver out and about every day of the year, and after big flexibility and traction.

Like the A4 it’s built on, the A4 Allroad rides the new Audi MQB architecture, with benefits to safety, comfort, weight and handling. It runs this new 2 litre turbo four-cylinder engine. It has the A4’s next-generation interior, complete with Virtual Dash, this giant and totally customizable display that replaces the instrument cluster. And, like that A4, it has nothing short of the market’s latest in high-tech safety systems which scan the world around you for potential hazards in your surroundings. It’s even capable of semi-autonomous driving.

UPDATE: Full video review below, via

It’s in inclement weather where the new Quattro Ultra AWD system shines brightest: fast-acting, intelligent, and fully networked with a nearly-invisible stability control system that seamlessly and precisely optimizes control in the background, in real time.

This is a hell of a machine to drive in the snow. Check out the video and photos below, and look for the full review soon.