Automotive Matte Finishes: What you Need to Know

Matte finished rides are popping up all over the marketplace, in rides from affordable to exotic. Using a unique clearcoat treatment that dries hazy and rough, not smooth and lustrous, the effect is distinctive: a sheen, non-reflective paint surface that uses its unique texture for a stand-out styling touch.

But, as it turns out, special products, procedures and considerations are all required for long-term durability of this type of paint job, and that repair of damaged matte paint can be tricky and expensive. Oh, and don’t wax your matte paint. Ever.

Considering a matte finished car? Here’s a link to a useful article via www.autotrader.cawhich looks at some of the pros and cons, and ins and outs, of matte automotive finishes, as well as some things to be prepared for when cleaning, maintaining and repairing that matte paint job for the long run.

Celine Witherell is the Communications Manager at Dr. Beasley’s an automotive supplier specializing in detailing and paint / finish care. She comments “there are a lot of misconceptions about matte paint, many of them coming from dealerships who are inexperienced with the paint, and try to deter customers from buying matte cars. Dealerships tell people matte paint cannot get wet, be washed, or protected like glossy paint. This is all because most dealerships are unfamiliar with the notion that there are products available to care for matte paint. If you use matte specific products, your matte paint will remain in great condition. Don’t rely on the dealership for aftercare and do your research about this beautiful, flat finish”.

Dr. Beasley’s markets a full range of care products to help owners of matte-finished cars. Some models, like the Hyundai Veloster with optional matte paint, even include a Dr. Beasley’s cleaning kit to help get new owners off to an easy start.