Convertible Leaks: 2 ways to fix and prevent in new or used drop-tops

Crap! Your convertible is leaking. This is lousy news. 

Did you know that in many cases,  the cause of a drop-top roof leak is one of two fairly simple-to-fix issues with the vehicle’s drainage system, or weather seals? In the video below, I take a look at both issues, and how to fix them.

As an added bonus, both of these tips can be carried out in your new convertible, about once a year, to greatly reduce the likelihood of your rag-top developing leaks as it ages. Here’s a closer look:

Buying a used Convertible? See below!

A few checks can be carried out while you’re test-driving potential used convertible candidates, including Running the Roof, Looking for Evidence of Leakage, Visiting a Hose, Checking the Seats, Checking the Seals, and more. A full guide to inspecting your potential used convertible for leaks is located HERE.

And if you’re after an affordable and relatively reliable convertible that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out this listing of popular used convertible picks, and specific advice for inspecting each one before you buy.

Finally, if you’re planning to treat your family to a second-hand drop-top for topless cruising, here’s a look at how to shop smart for some popular used convertibles that have room for the fam-jam.