Used Hybrid Shopping: Three Important Checks

Considering a used hybrid? Consider these 3 hybrid pre-purchase checks mandatory. They’ll help ensure you’re buying a top-notch second-hand hybrid car, and could prevent headaches down the line.

Used Hybrid Tip 1: Standard Charging System

Hybrid vehicles typically have a standard 12-volt charging system, including an alternator and conventional battery. Many owners of hybrids across numerous brands have had issues with this system– so have a technician assess the health of your new-to-you hybrid vehicle’s battery and alternator, for maximum peace of mind.

Used Hybrid  Tip 2: Software Updates

Software updates are issued by an automaker to improve the performance and functionality of various systems  and features, and also, to address latent vehicle problems or common complaints. Up-to-date system software can ensure proper performance from your hybrid car, prevent unwanted battery drain,  help your hybrid battery last longer, and even save fuel. Your dealer can help ensure all software updates available on the hybrid you’re considering are up to date.

Used Hybrid Tip 3: Dealer Pre-Purchase Inspection

Usually, a pre-purchase inspection of a used ride can be done at any automotive service centre– though thanks to the complicated nature of hybrid cars, the’re typically best inspected by their selling dealership. In short order, and on the cheap, a hybrid tech can check out the vehicle you’re considering as a last step before your purchase, looking for common trouble signs and testing or scanning all systems for proper functionality. Consider a dealer pre-purchase inspection of any used hybrid mandatory for full confidence.

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Cover photo courtesy Porsche