2017 Volkswagen Golf AllTrack

If you’re a cold-blooded Canadian with a hankering for a handsome and rugged wagon, then Volkswagen has just done you a solid by launching the new AllTrack.The  all-new Volkswagen Golf AllTrack is now on the scene, delivering traction, flexibility, and space: and if you don’t want to blend into a beige sea of crossover SUV’s, it’s worthy of your immediate attention.

VIDEO: 2017 VW Golf AllTrack Full Review

At writing, AllTrack was available in a single trim level, priced in the mid-thirties (CAD), with two available options packages that push the price to about $38,000. For that money, AllTrack stands out with a refined powertrain, an upscale cabin, a potent Fender stereo system, a panoramic moonroof, and handling not unlike a sporty car.

Notables? Front seats are comfortable, seeing both occupants surrounded by adequate space in all directions, and provided with numerous at-hand storage facilities nearby, including deep, wide and carpeted luxury door pockets. Rear seats are adult friendly with adequate room for 2 of average size, or three kids. Said rear seating provisions are easily accessed without undue gymnastics, though headroom tightens up fairly quickly for taller folks.

The cargo hold is wide, flat, largely square to the edges, and easily jammed full of gear. Small rear corner pockets are perfect to keep a jug of washer fluid in place, and when needed, rear seatbacks fold nearly full-flat with a tug on a lever in the cargo area. Alltrack’s cargo capacity measurement is in the ballpark of many a small crossover. There’s a small under-floor storage area above the spare tire provisions, accessed by a lift-away floor panel that cleverly doubles as a folding cargo divider to partition the cargo hold, as needed.

Here’s a video highlighting the AllTrack’s cargo area.

Ultimately, there are roomier machines available for the money, but the AllTrack’s thoughtful and cleverly-executed cargo bay should impress nonetheless. Need more room? The adventuresome looks of this machine seem to beg for an accessory roof box or ski-rack.

End of the day, here’s a unique alternative to a common crossover driving experience, in a pricey but compelling package that’ll easily scratch the itch to stand out, enjoy a great cabin, a great driveline, tremendous flexibility, and a downright handsome and rugged look. If those attributes are on your new-vehicle wishlist, the 2017 AllTrack is worthy of a closer look.