The Super-Important Circle Check

A pre-drive circle check could prevent a serious accident

A circle check of your car, truck or SUV takes about 9 seconds, and can reveal a whole world of potential problems with your ride before you set off– including a flat tire.
Here’s a story I recently wrote for, about a driver who is lucky to have escaped a serious accident after driving around for a dozen kilometres on a flat tire. The gist? Check your ride before setting off, and be sure to pull over, right away, if something sounds, or feels, out of place with your ride.

Ahead of the summer flat tiretravel season, remember that a
simple circle check of your ride, as well as familiarizing yourself with the telltale sounds and sensations of a flat tire, could prevent a serious accident.

For further reference, here’s a collection of Tire Safety Tips to keep in mind before hitting the road this summer.