Canadian Car of the Year: Traction Testing

The annual Canadian Car of the Year (CCOTY) Awards are presented  after a group of several dozen auto review experts from across the country gather at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Bowmanville, Ontario, to evaluate, score and rate a bevy of new-this-year vehicles across multiple genres. Scoring data is fundamental to the results of the program, with all entered models scored in numerous areas, and those scores weighted for relevance in  the vehicle’s category. End of the week, well over 100,000 data points are gathered, weighted and calculated to determine a winning model after the week-long testing event concludes.

Check out the video below, for a look at one part of that testing: off-road traction. The CCOTY program utilizes numerous driving exercises to help experts score the entries, including an off-road loop with a revealing traction test that must be completed by all utility vehicle entries. As the video demonstrates, not all AWD and 4×4 systems are created equal.


Here’s some more information and video coverage of the week-long ‘Test Fest’ event, via

Winners are announced over the coming months.