3 Tips for Driving Comfort and Safety

As a car reviewer, I do a ton of driving. Most weeks see me covering 1,500 kilometers or more, and that’s been the case for over a decade. Over the years and miles, and regardless of the ride or the road in question, three simple things have always stood out as great ways to increase my comfort and safety when I’m spending hours and hours on the road.

I’ll share them with you below– and if you’ve got a driver (short distance or long) in your circle of family and friends, be sure to share them with them too: each tip is simple, cheap (or free) and highly effective at increasing comfort and safety on the road.

Safe and Comfortable Driving Tip 1: Be Kind to Your Eyes

Wear a set of quality driving glasses– and not the type of sunglasses you find for $7 next to the cash-register at the hardware store. Quality driving glasses relax your eyes, keep them fresher, slash eye strain, and make after-dark driving safer too, as your eyes will be less fatigued after a day of driving.

Safe and Comfortable Driving Tip 2: Slow Digesting Carbs

What you eat before or during a long drive has a massive effect on your energy levels, and the consistency of those energy levels throughout the day. Skip the sugar and grease, and go for slow-digesting carbs. Some delicious solutions are outlined in the video, to help maintain blood-sugar and energy levels at consistent levels for all-day alertness.

Safe and Comfortable Driving Tip 3: Watch the Caffiene

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! But what about COFFEE????!! Turns out, a coffee or two in the morning is probably fine, but slugging it all day can cause problems with alertness, digestion and energy levels.

Click the video below for more information on how driving glasses, healthy snacks and careful use of caffeine can make any drive more comfortable and safe.


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