2017 Honda Ridgeline: Handy and Thoughtful Touches

The all-new, second-generation 2017 Honda Ridgeline advances the original Honda pickup on all fronts, offers more power, more feature content, tidier looks, and improved versatility– all while leaving the array of thoughtful, handy and innovative touches from the original machine untouched.

The nutshell? Look for a 280-horsepower i-VTEC V6 engine, multi-mode 4×4 system, a humongous cabin, advanced safety features and good fuel mileage, with pricing from $36,590. When your priorities in a pickup centre less around towing capacity, off-road ability and all-out firepower, Ridgeline impresses with tremendous flexibility, easy adaptation to any task, and all the while, drives like a great big Honda Accord.

There’s no rigid jiggle to the suspension on rough roads, where the Ridgeline just rides and handles like a big car. The steering is one finger easy. Highway cruising is laid back and relatively quiet, and fuel mileage is decent, so Ridgeline doesn’t rip through a tank of fuel like Jason Statham ripping through a roomful of bad guys. Ultimately, if you like the idea of a pickup truck, but not the feel or fuel bill, Ridgeline is worth a serious look.

Here’s a video highlighting some of the new Ridgeline’s most thoughtful touches— including the in-bed audio system and ultra-flexible seating. And don’t miss the photo gallery and additional details below.

2017 Honda Ridgeline At A Glance

Engine: 3.5 litre V6, i-VTEC, direct injection, 280 horsepower

Drivetrain: 4×4

Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Features: Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, climate-controlled memory seats, sunroof, push-button start, automatic high-beams, rain-sensing wipers, in-bed audio system, in-bed power outlet, in-bed trunk

What’s Hot: drives like a great big car, immensely flexible, good fuel mileage, flexible cabin, easy to maneuver and park

What’s Not: ride quality degrades on jagged off-road surfaces, plain cabin, dated infotainment interface

Starting Price (Ridgeline LX): $36,590