Infiniti QX50: Video Test Drive

Is this the segment’s best deal on a luxury performance crossover?

After all: the Infiniti QX50 is priced from under $38,000, has a happy-to-rev V6 with 325 horsepower, a paddle-shift 7-speed transmission that shifts fast and smooth, and an All Wheel Drive (AWD) system that’s feisty, fast-acting, and not shy about sending a heap of power to the rear wheels.

Plus, it’s  comfortable, goes like the wind, makes a good sound, and has room for your things. Sure– much of the QX50 is getting old these days, but with compelling pricing and a proven performance powertrain that packs huge heat for the money, it’s worth a test-drive if your priorities include budget luxury-ute firepower.

As a high-utility alternative to a luxury sports sedan, the QX50 is a worthy choice, too. It’s flexible, luxurious and refined, though an authentic secret-sportiness is dialed in to reward drivers who push it a little. Here’s a ride that’s as thrilling or relaxed in virtually any situation as your right foot cares for. And, with that very robust power output and relatively calm and discreet styling, it’s a bit of a sleeper with all of the charm of a quiet-looking and sensible wagon that’s packing firepower galore under the hood.

Rear seating is just fine for two adults, thank Infiniti’s decision to stretch the wheelbase by a few inches this year, to make more legroom in back. Seatback on the tester folded up and down with push-button operation, and in all, getting in and out, or spending hours at the wheel, it sure doesn’t feel like a sports ute.

Body roll? Clumsiness? Forget it. If steering, handling and the way your vehicle feels at the tips of your fingers and toes matters to you, you’ll like what’s going on here.

Careful though: you’ll pay for that power at the pumps, as the QX50 is on the thirsty side. Still, to a performance-minded shopper, it’ll prove an excellent deal on a high-flexibility, 325-horsepower, luxury sports crossover with moves like a sports sedan.

Check out the video below for a full review.