Best Used College Cars

There are a lot of reasons you buy a certain used car. For some shoppers, it’s all about the reliability. For others, it’s all about the up-front price. For others still, it’s the ongoing maintenance costs.  When it comes to college cars, and shopping for one, chances are,  your priorities will be somewhere in between.

College CarsI recently wrote a story for with three of my top used car picks for college students, based on a combination of reasonable up-front pricing, and reasonable ongoing maintenance costs. The Kia Rio /  Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Cobalt / Pontiac G5, and Toyota Corolla might make a perfect pick for a new student ride where reasonable purchase prices and relatively low repair costs are primary priorities.

For a closer look at how to shop smart for each one, and some other useful tips for first-time car buyers, check out the full story HERE.

And HERE’s a valuable resource for used car shoppers, with tips and advice via hundreds of used-car reviews, many by yours truly.

Two Notes About Reading a Used Car Guide:

College CarsFirst, know that used car reliability is not an exact science. Is a Toyota more reliable than a Kia? Is a Dodge pricier to run than a Honda? It depends on a wide-reaching array of factors that exist beyond what’s typically captured in popular used-car reliability reports, and the websites that publish them. These don’t consider a wide range of factors that affect the reliability of a vehicle, so take them with a grain of salt.

Second, note that some cars rated to offer more reliability are considerably pricier to buy up front. Is a very reliable car a better choice than a moderately reliable car, if it costs $2,500 more up front, and 30% more to repair if work is needed? It all comes down to shopper priorities.