5 tips to sell your car fast

Selling a used car? You should probably read a little column I recently wrote for auto123.com on affordable, quick and effective tips to sell your used ride fast.

sell your ride fast!I put together a list of five tips, each costing under $75, that will make your ride more appealing to potential shoppers, help your ride to make a better first impression, and help you sell said ride in quick order, with less B.S.

A little maintenance, a little detailing, a powerful deodorizer product, and a little showing off of what a great owner you’ve been is all it takes. Of course, a speedy sale is always a bonus, leaving you with more free time and less stress, and putting you one step closer to parking that new ride in your driveway.

Check out the full list of Top Tips Under $75 to Sell Your Ride Fast, here.