2016 Toyota Prius: LED Headlight Performance

Headlights are advancing rapidly, and I’m seeing more and more affordable cars with headlight performacne once typical of big-dollar luxury rides, just a few years ago. Case in point? The 2016 Toyota Prius. Standard LED lighting with projector lenses provides great beam cut-off, fully-saturated illumination, crisp color, and good peripheral illumination to the side of dark highways. These lights are clean, crisp, put light exactly where it’s needed, and drench the road ahead with brightness.

After several hours-long after-dark drives, this lighting system did what I like best about a quality lighting system: it kept my eyes from feeling strained and sleepy. Some automakers have been nailing LED lighting technology lately, and the new Prius is one example of the trend. If you’re considering the new Prius, and you’ll be regularly driving after dark, the lighting system won’t disappoint.

Have a look at the video below for a full explanation, and stay tuned for a full review and video in a few weeks.