NEW: RPM Radio

RPM RADIO is a professional, pre-produced, powerful automotive product to attract and retain dealer clients

Coming soon: an innovative, easy-to-use, highly profitable automotive product for your radio station. Weekly topics range from maintenance to technology to dealer-installed accessories. Youthful, dynamic voicing and powerful music drive the message home. Delivered fully-produced and ready for your client’s donut, RPM Radio is designed for daily broadcast and maximum client satisfaction. All topics aim to get listeners in touch with their dealership for more information. RPM Radio is a perfect fit for virtually any full-service automotive sales and repair centre.

Best of all, since research, writing and production are all handled by an experienced automotive expert, your sales team gets highly cost-effective access to a powerful, accurate and confident message. Each weekly on-air topic also has three ‘versions’, keeping the message fresh for listeners.

Check out a sample below!

RPM RADIO SAMPLE: Keyless Access Version 1

RPM RADIO SAMPLE: Keeping Cool Version 2

RPM RADIO SAMPLE: Brake Technology Version 1

RPM RADIO SAMPLE: Ignition System Service Version 3



  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use– arrives fully-produced and ready for your client’s donut
  • Generic– works easily with virtually any full-line auto manufacturer client with a sales centre and repair shop
  • Current– topics researched, written and presented by a professional, full-time automotive expert
  • 100 Percent Canadian written and produced
  • Wide Reaching– dozens of topics are relevant to anyone who owns or drives a car– not only new car shoppers
  • Fresh– each topic is presented in three on-air versions, keeping the message new and engaging
  • Confidently delivered– voiced and written by a Canadian authority in automotive multimedia
  • Customizable– custom, brand-specific work is available
  • Website Ready– considering an automotive page for your station’s website? Additional auto content (stories, articles, pictures) are available to draw listeners and advertisers to your site

Contact us for more details, more samples or pricing.