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Mercedes ML350 Bluetec

Someone got this diesel-powered Mercedes ML350 Bluetec all dirty. After a week at the wheel, including while arsing about in the mud, I’d achieved 10.2L / 100km overall– which is fantastic given the size, AWD and 450 lb.-ft of torque.

Photo Blog: BMW 650i Gran Coupe

Me and Chris Koski ( and had a great afternoon shooting the BMW 650i Gran Coupe. Here are some pics, including tremendous detail work inside. Shooting this car really helps one appreciate the attention to detail working towards the high price tag.

Photo Blog: Mercedes CLA Class in France

Some photos of this week’s test subject– the Mercedes CLA Class, as well as the testing grounds, Southern France. The important stuff? 2-litre turbo, 211 horses, 258 torques, 7-speed dual-clutch box and front or all-wheel drive. This four-door coupe feels and acts every part a Benz, and will hit Canadian dealers this fall from $34,000.

Enjoy the pics!

Photo Blog: 2013 Mazda CX-9 GT

Me and camera guy James filmed the 2013 Mazda CX-9 GT AWD last week on a ‘snow-day’ down Frenchman Lake Road, just north of Sudbury. There was a lot of snow. Some pics from the shoot here. And highlight of the latest big Mazda crossover’s new-for-this-year looks.

Photo Blog: Test Fest 2012

Job this past week? Help 80 of my colleagues turn a field of over 60 cars in 11 different categories, into just 11 “Canadian Car of the Year” category finalists. has the full scoop. I’ve got a few nice pics of some of the latest models hitting Canadian showrooms.

Photo Blog: Scion FR-S and Honda Civic Si

Chioces, choices. Both these cars have 200 horsepower, get the same gas mileage, cost $26,000 and exemplify affordable fun factor.

The Scion is rear-wheel drive, hardcore, high-revving, and largely a ‘back-to-basics’ Japanese sports car.

The Honda is nearly as much fun, and more every-day friendly, thanks to more storage, a bigger trunk, and a usable back seat. Plus, it’s got a VTEC gauge.

Considering one of these little pocket-rockets? Have a looksie at the photos to help you decide.

Photo Blog: 2013 Lexus ES350

Check out the newly-revised ES 350 from Lexus. It’s all in the details. A recent overhaul for 2013 have made this the most richly detailed, three-dimensional and tranquil ES yet. It’s one of the most unexciting, unstimulating cars I’ve ever driven– and shoppers after the ultimate in at-the-wheel relaxation should consider it a priority test-drive.

Other notes from mine? The Mark Levinson stereo system is magnificent, fuel mileage was very respectable, and the leather furniture is so fragrant, the smell stays in your clothes after you leave the car.